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The Road to Wellness Is Inside

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Welcome new blogger, Lexi  Soulios, Outreach Coordinator for Jeans Cream.  Lexi’s blog is a great follow up to my post as guest blogger on the Jeans Cream site on “The Three Factors that Enable a Woman to Thrive”. Jeans Cream was originally formulated as a radiation burn cream to protect and heal the skin from radiation side effects during radiation therapy. It is now the preferred radiation cream of doctors, nurses and patients around the country.

When we feel centered and connected to ourselves, it is much easier to navigate the complexities of our lives. It is much simpler to know what action is right for us, what we need to do in order to live in health and wellness. While working with the Jeans Cream community over the last decade, we have found something very important to be true: No one path is right for everyone. And the women who seem to do the best both during treatment and moving into their lives post-treatment, are the ones who follow their own knowing about what is right for them. (more…)

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