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Breast Cancer Partner focuses on breast cancer recovery through health and wellness. We help you understand what to expect after breast cancer treatment ends and how to make sense out of what happens to you during the treatment process. 

We promote holistic solutions as a means to help you overcome potential obstacles to recovery. Our aim is to help shepherd you through the recovery process by providing information, resources, guidance and tools to help effectively deal with life post treatment.

The Breast Cancer Partner website is coming soon to help you navigate your way through life after breast cancer in order to recover from treatment, restore your life back to its “new” normal, and reenergize to live strong and healthy. Stay tuned!


Our Vision:

A world in which each and every breast cancer survivor lives a life that is full of vitality, cancer free and without fear, so that recovery is a life-enhancing, not life-limiting, event.


Our Mission:

To empower breast cancer survivors to live strong, healthy and balanced lives by providing support, information, tools and resources to shepherd them through recovery. We strive to show breast cancer survivors the paths to an integrated health and wellness lifestyle so that they can recover, restore and reenergize themselves after treatment.

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  • Hello,

    I am contacting you with information on my work. “The Boob Project” . Please view my facebook page.

    Yours in health,

    Jill Buffington

  • rhondasmith

    Hi Jill, thank you. I will check out your boob project and let you know what I think.


  • rhondasmith

    Jill, I think your project is a great idea. Where are you located?

  • Hair prosthesis by the designer of the first cancer wigs, Rodolfo Valentin who is donating one thousand medical hair prosthesis for a cancer organization this month of October.

  • Hi, My name is Mike Stalter.
    I would like to ask a favor of you. I wrote a book about my wife’s 17 ½ year battle with Breast Cancer and the 4 years since her death. I will donate $1 to cancer research for every book I sell.
    My wife Mary was only 26 years old and our son was still a baby when our doctor discovered the cancer. This is a story about a husband’s emotions, feelings, and struggles in dealing with his wife’s 17 ½ year battle with Breast Cancer and the 4 years since her death. Over this time period I had to deal with the deaths of other family members, raising my two children and rebuilding my life. It is a very compelling story written from a man’s perspective on how men think and feel in a very down to Earth style like it is being told to the reader by a friend.
    The book is titled Still Have Faith because I still have my faith in God. My website is StillHaveFaith.com and the book is 260 pages and priced at $14.99 plus shipping or $9.99 for the e-book version. I think that my story can help others understand what a man goes through when his wife has Breast cancer or any terminal illness and then dies from it. Please pass this note on to your friends on Facebook in case they know someone who may be helped by reading my book.

    Mike Stalter

  • rhondasmith

    Hi Mike, thanks for your email. It is very timely. Would you like to be a guest blogger and write something for the BCP blogs site? Also, perhaps we can speak via phone at some point as I am very interested in learning things from the male perspective. Also, I could feature your book as one of the Books of the Month for my newsletter.

    That work for you?

  • Carolyn Comeau

    Hi Rhonda, your name and website are things that keep popping up in my life and I feel there must be a special reason why! I was dx’d w/ stage III breast cancer in 2007 and am approaching my 5 yr survivor mark and am doing wonderfully! I am 50 and my son and daughter were 6 and 3, respectively, when I was diagnosed. My husband, friends, school and church communities were all amazing. I had 2 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a year of Herceptin. I had a career in public relations and marketing for nonprofits before I had my kids, then worked part-time at various things — gallery, teaching, freelance writing — until now, with a big break during treatment. I find myself now at a crossroads and wanting very much to somehow make a difference in the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer and those who love them. In the past couple months I have been contacted, sadly, by 5 friends who have friends or relatives who have been dxd. They are all terrified, of course, and I want to provide some sort of service that could help — they seem to want to know what to say and do and of course every woman’s journey is different, but I’ve toyed with the idea of making gift baskets and have some kind of blog/website or consultation service to try to fill this need. I want to turn my passion for this into a way to make a living as well, as you have done. Would you mind telling me how you came to make your decision to start this site, who you consulted with, how you narrowed your focus, etc? Many thanks and best wishes for your continued good health!


    Carolyn Comeau
    Asheville, NC

  • rhondasmith

    Hi Carolyn, my apologies for the delay. Was away from the computer for a few days.

    Congratulations on your 5 year mark! Thanks for your email, it was such a pleasant read. How about we speak by phone sometime later this week to discuss your questions? Thursday is a good day for me, let me if that works for you and what time.

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