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Yes, Your Refrigerator Can Be Your Best Friend

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Welcome guest blogger Kathryn Lorusso is a North Dallas macrobiotic teacher and counselor. She believes wholeheartedly that food can heal our bodies and uses her refrigerator as a giant “medicine cabinet” on a daily basis.

What’s that shiny, gleaming tall rectangle in your kitchen that is beckoning to you even as you read this?  It’s probably something you’re used to ignoring or worse yet, stuffing full of quick, convenient, chemically laden packages yet it is yearning (even now) to be not only your best friend, but your healer and guide to the best health you have ever imagined.  Yup, we’re talking about your refrigerator aka your new “medicine cabinet” and it contains the magic you need on a daily basis to navigate your way past your breast cancer event and move forward to the rest of your life.  I made friends with my refrigerator a year and a half ago and found that it was just the compass I needed to get me through the ironically worst/best time of my life. (more…)

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How to Survive Dining Out

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Ever wonder, as a breast cancer survivor, about how to eat healthy while dining out? Our guest blogger Nancy Ancrum has answers to that burning question. Welcome Nancy to the Breast Cancer Partner Network!

You survived breast cancer, so you’ll survive life without dessert – at least the high-sugar, white-flour confections that have been the tasty conclusion to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Here’s the ultimate goal: You want to prevent a recurrence of the disease that caused so much fear and uncertainty in your life. And this much is certain: After treatment, your diet will play a big role in helping you stay healthy. (more…)

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