Yes, Your Refrigerator Can Be Your Best Friend

by Kathryn on September 28th, 2011
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Welcome guest blogger Kathryn Lorusso is a North Dallas macrobiotic teacher and counselor. She believes wholeheartedly that food can heal our bodies and uses her refrigerator as a giant “medicine cabinet” on a daily basis.

What’s that shiny, gleaming tall rectangle in your kitchen that is beckoning to you even as you read this?  It’s probably something you’re used to ignoring or worse yet, stuffing full of quick, convenient, chemically laden packages yet it is yearning (even now) to be not only your best friend, but your healer and guide to the best health you have ever imagined.  Yup, we’re talking about your refrigerator aka your new “medicine cabinet” and it contains the magic you need on a daily basis to navigate your way past your breast cancer event and move forward to the rest of your life.  I made friends with my refrigerator a year and a half ago and found that it was just the compass I needed to get me through the ironically worst/best time of my life.

I’ve always been the kind of woman who thought she had life under control…you know, busy at work as a high school guidance counselor solving other people’s crises, working part time as a counselor at a nearby community college and working out like a fiend in my spare time.  I tried to make healthy choices but never really took the time to think about what I was ingesting on a daily basis.  Food was the fuel to keep moving…FAST and as long as I was moving FAST, I didn’t have to face my life or the personal issues I was avoiding (like why I dreamed of a significant relationship but just didn’t have time or patience to make one happen).

Enter abruptly, a stage one breast cancer diagnosis in March of 2010 and everything changed.  Suddenly, I found the time to think about my health, my life and finally, my diet.  Thanks to an amazing macrobiotic plant based counselor and the determination to help myself heal my body, I found that cancer just might have been the best thing to ever happen to my crazy, lightning speed life.  Two lumpectomies later, my doctor did not recommend chemotherapy but did prescribe 25 rounds of radiation so I loaded up on miso soup, grains, beans, cruciferous veggies and sea veggies ( and found salvation.  I never did experience a minute of side effects from the rads…no fatigue, scarring, redness, diarrhea, nausea or swelling.  I had more energy than ever before and the women in the waiting room with me each morning were curious.

The secret was simple.  I had thrown out seven lawn and leaf bags full of “white” products from my kitchen and filled it, instead, with whole grains, beans, organic vegetables, sea vegetables, miso and green tea.  Out was the sugar, white flour, bread, starchy veggies, alcohol, and anything else in a box or can.  I had become a cooking tasmanian devil whirling around my kitchen like a plant based tornado and nothing was going to stand in the way of my health and the four gas burner stove and stainless steel pots who were now my gurus.  I ate a strict “healing diet” ( for a year and in those 12 months, I learned that my health was almost completely in my own hands.  I could wake up in the morning with a headache and know that I needed more steamed kale and some millet stew and that a quick cup of steaming umeboshi tea ( would have me feeling great in 15 minutes.  The fear that had gripped my heart when my doctor told me I had breast cancer, slowly began draining away and was replaced by the confidence I gained each time I made a tasty plant based meal.  I visualized new, healthy blood cells growing and the leftover cancer cells starving and dying off with nothing to nourish them.

That too-busy-to-cook-anything woman has morphed into a still busy but organized plant based eating woman who cooks ahead and fills her “medicine cabinet” with containers of cooked brown rice, yummy beans, chopped greens (to steam in a hurry), low fat, low oil spreads and sauces to pour over veggies and even a quality home made dessert every now and then made with brown rice syrup or barley malt.  I have a small plant based catering company that I’m passionate about and run in my spare time, my six month blood tests, MRI’s and mammograms are perfect and I’ve spent time cooking with plant based chefs and authors Christina Pirello (, Jessica Porter ( and Margaret Lawson I know the secret and it’s PLANTS.  Life couldn’t be better!

I hope to share some of my nutritional insights and experiences with you each month as I continue giving plant based cooking classes here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  I am a bikram yoga enthusiast and give my classes at the Arlington studio in the “Zen Kitchen” there.  My blog entries for Breast Cancer Partner will coincide with the current lessons and recipes I give my cooking students.  If their enthusiasm is any indication of how well the diet is working for them, I think you’ll find it can easily work for you, too.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go take a look at your refrigerator…it’s waiting for you.  Now, picture it full of gleaming jars of cut up greens and veggies, glass bowls of ready made soup and sauces and a crisper full of anti-oxidant fruits ready to be scooped on top of a bowl of whole grain cereal in the morning.

You are the best advocate you know for your future health and happiness.  It’s all there in your kitchen.  I’ll show you how!



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