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10 Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Welcome guest blogger Stephanie St. Martin. Stephanie is a Senior Marketing Associate for ( ), an online community that helps families find care. She lost her mother to stomach cancer in March 2008 and is working to provide resources and find help for those battling cancer. Take it away Stephanie!

There are many challenges that are unique to young women diagnosed with cancer. So often, they are the youngest person in the waiting room and are surrounded by friends who have no frame of reference for what they’re going through. In addition to fertility, sex and intimacy and body image challenges, they experience isolation. Online support groups like and can be incredibly valuable. 

So often friends rally around asking what they can do. Besides pray – to whomever, and make it go away – forever, it’s hard to know how friends and relatives can help. Here are ten ideas to help a friend battling cancer. (more…)

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Men Are Survivors Too

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I started out with a completely different intent with this blog, and totally focused on something else all together, but I received an email this morning from someone that really touched me.  So, I decided to re-direct my thoughts and talk about something that we are aware of but often may not always address appropriately or enough.  That is, the journey that men experience who are the spouses or significant others of breast cancer survivors. 


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