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Reenergize Your Vitality

According to Webster’s Dictionary, vitality is “the capacity to live and develop; or or vigor especially when highly developed”. Your capacity to live after treatment depends on the development of your , , and

So, it is important that you invest the time, effort and energy into each of these areas as part of your plan for your recovery.  It is the foundation for building a strong, sound mind and it drives your ability to be productive on a daily basis. 

Eating real food like fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains provides nourishment, and exercise can help you build a stronger and healthier body.  , a partnership with , provides instructions on eating for health and vitality:

Read food labels carefully to check the amount of sugar, salt/sodium, fat, cholesterol, fiber and calories
Reduce the intake of fat, especially from animal sources
Include a variety of foods to balance your meals
Exercise regularly, at least three(3) times per week
Consult your healthcare professional about maintaining a healthy weight
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
Reduce or stop your alcohol intake

Eating healthy is one way to improve your vitality.  However, your overall vitality is tied to your and vitality, which are closely tied to your vitality—just as your mind can have powerful effects on your body, so can your physical state.  It affects your ability to think and feel, and it makes a big difference in your total functioning capability.

Taking care of the “whole you” can lead to a highly developed capacity to “live” after treatment.  It can help you develop a stronger mind, body and soul.

A stronger, healthier “you” can help you overcome some of the effects or lingering effects of your treatment and to heal in various ways.  The net result for you is a on life, a feeling of being “alive”, a renewed energy and sense of empowerment that will enable you to live a life that is full of vitality, cancer free and without fear, so that your recovery is a life-enhancing, not life-limiting, event.

The following resources provide additional information to help you improve your vitality and overall well-being:

For more information on vitality, go to . You can share your knowledge and experience with other at or start a discussion in our .

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